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ICU(Model: UC-1801) 
Model : UC-1801

Offers best Intensive/Incubation Care.

Accurate Temperature Control—Eliminates hot spots and provides overall consistent temperature throughout.

Accurate Humidity Control— Provides a healthy and balanced environment.

Negative-ion Generation—Augments the Medical Effects of the ICU.

Sterilization Function—Greatly diminishes the possibility of cross-contamination.

Nebulization/Medical Atomization Treatment Function—Making it more convenient to administer full strength medicine.

Carbon Dioxide Concentration Monitoring System—A Defense Line to safe guard patients’ lives.

ICU Illumination Function—Creating a comfortable therapeutic environment.

Setting of Security Mechanism—No worries in use.

Risk Free Operation

Our exclusive dual flow circulation system prevents any concerns regarding overheating by consistently and gently ventilating the ICU unit. Based on unique feature of PTC (porcelain temperature control) heating e ement, overheating is eliminated. While in operation mode, the dual port ventilation system constantly refreshes the air nside The COz monitoring sensor alarm will be triggered immediately once the concentration of carbon dioxide rises above the set level (Default at 1000ppm).

Therapeutic Benefits

Dramatically raises the survival rate and recovery rate of patients. Should be used n various conditions, such as trauma, organ failure and transplantation recovery »om medica procedures and anesthesia, severe shock, septicemia, intoxication. severe skin disease nurtunng of newborns and Intensive care and treatment for numerous diseases.

Financial Benefits

Low maintenance, energy efficient, economical to operate. Revenue generating-billing should be based on time of use construed hourly. Most machines pay for themselves in the rst quarter of use (according to recent customer reports).



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